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Whole-set equipment manufacturing

Commissioning and Training

After-sales service support

After-sales service support


After Completing The Delivery Of Equipment And Technology, Macreat Technicians Will Conduct Return And Visits Regularly To Provide Customers With After-Sales Technical Support To Ensure That Customers Can Quickly Solve Problems In The Factory Selection And Avoid Long-Term Parking Accidents. For The Equipment Purchased By Customers, Macreat Can Provide A One-Year Warranty, And Any Problems With The Equipment Will Be Responsible For Solving.

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Online communication

After receiving the customer’s demand, the Macreat Equipment after-sales service team will quickly get in touch with the customer within 30 minutes, understand the customer’s specific problem, roughly judge the source of the problem, and communicate the problem to the corresponding technical department.

Regular tracking feedback

Macreat Pellet Machine has set up a project department, equipped with a one-to-one project manager for each project, aiming to provide professional full-process project management services, strictly control the progress of the project, ensure that it is completed on schedule, and solve project problems in time and collect Customer feedback and improvement opinions provide a better development direction for equipment research and development.