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Commissioning and Training

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Commissioning and Training


Biomass Pellet Consulting Service, Raw Material Pelletizing Test, Process Flow And Equipment Selection, Plant Construction Plan Design And Construction Drawing Design, Etc.

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Installation and commissioning

Installation and commissioning is a key link in the whole industry chain service of the Macreat pellet machine production line, and it is directly related to whether the customer can meet the standards and reach the production.

Worker training

The technicians of Macreat who are responsible for worker training are the technical backbones of the installation and commissioning team. They work on the front line all the year round and have extremely rich practical experience. The advantage is that they can emphasize some extremely important details that are not usually noticed by the workers during the training.

These experienced technical backbones dispatched by Macreat mainly provide three kinds of training to the workers in the customer’s selection plant:

After the above three aspects of training, the operators can operate the production process and equipment proficiently, and the customer has its own technical team, which can ensure that the operation meets the standards and production, and there will be no long-term parking loss accidents.