August 15, 2022

Four major misunderstandings of analyzing biomass pellet fuel for pellet machine equipment

What is the raw material of the pellet machine equipment? What is the raw material of biomass pellet fuel? A lot of people don’t know.
The raw material of pellet machine equipment is mainly crop straw, precious grain can be used, and the remaining straw can be used to make biomass fuel.
People have always had 4 major misunderstandings about biomass fuel. Our engineers will answer these questions for everyone, so that everyone can eliminate the wrong perception of biomass pellet fuel produced by pellet machine equipment. 1. The misunderstanding of biomass pellet fuel energy elimination and grain competition
The raw material production of pellet machine equipment can use wasteland, sloping land, improved saline-alkali land that is not suitable for planting crops, and can also use leisure land, so that it can completely avoid competing with the production of grain.


2. Biomass pellet fuel energy eliminates the misunderstanding of competing with people for food
Corn stalks, wheat stalks, and rice husks can all be used as raw materials for the production of biomass pellets. All kinds of waste oil and rapeseed can be used to produce biodiesel.
Therefore, it cannot be misunderstood that biomass energy is to turn the granary into a fuel tank. Instead, biomass will act as a food security balancer.

3. The misunderstanding of immature biomass fuel pellet energy elimination technology
Bio-fermentation technology and fuel ethanol technology have reached the international advanced level, biodiesel technology has also entered the stage of R&D and industrialization, biogas technology has been applied for many years and achieved great results, and the technology of comprehensive utilization of straw has also achieved major breakthroughs. Improvements in biomass technology can reduce costs and are safer than coal, making it a very large energy source. 4. Biomass fuel pellet energy eliminates the misunderstanding of high production costs
Biomass energy technology is further improved, and it is expected to become one of the low-cost energy sources, and it is much safer than nuclear energy and coal.


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