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Comprehensive Wood Crusher

Composite crusher can process a wide range of raw materials, can process timber, such as all kinds of small path wood, slab, batten, log core, building template, etc., applicable to a wide range. With the chain-type intelligent feeding, the feeding speed can be automatically adjusted according to the main motor load.

The machine is operated at full load to avoid no-load operation, which makes the feeding smoother and greatly improves the production capacity. It is the ideal equipment for biomass power plants, mainly for nailed wood, wooden pallets, construction site scrap templates, wooden brackets and tree piers. Broken furniture, branches, wood, formwork waste, house demolition waste, doors, and windows, etc. Used for coarse crushing of biomass power plants, fuel, and fire.

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Comprehensive Wood Crusher Features

Comprehensive Wood Crusher Specification

1.Feed systemTypechain platechain platechain platechain platechain platechain plate
Chain plate material16Mn16Mn16Mn16Mn16Mn16Mn
Motor power7.5+5.5 kw7.5+5.5 kw7.5+5.5 kw7.5+5.5 kw7.5+5.5 kw7.5+5.5 kw
Feed size1300×600 mm1400×600 mm1400×700 mm1400×800 mm1600×600 mm1600×800 mm
Belt width1300 mm1400 mm1400 mm1400 mm1600 mm1600 mm
Belt length6000 mm5000 mm7500 mm5000 mm5000 mm5000 mm
Speed of belt0-18 m/min0-18 m/min0-18 m/min0-18 m/min0-18 m/min0-18 m/min
Main machineKnife roll diameter800 mm800 mm1050 mm1050 mm800 mm1050 mm
Knife roll speed540rpm540rpm690rpm690rpm540rpm690rpm
Capacity10-18 ton/hour15-20 ton/hour15-30 ton/hour15-30 ton/hour20-25 ton/hour25-30 ton/hour
Fly knife quantity2×3 Pcs2×4 Pcs
Fly knife material65Mn65Mn
Hammers quantity2018-242428-32
Hammers materialYG8 alloy particlesYG8 alloy particlesYG8 alloy particlesYG8 alloy particlesYG8 alloy particlesYG8 alloy particles
Max process diameter≤340mm (Fluffy<500mm)≤340mm (Fluffy<500mm)≤340mm (Fluffy<500mm)≤340mm (Fluffy<500mm)≤340mm (Fluffy<500mm)≤340mm (Fluffy<500mm)
Main motor power132kw (160kw)185kw (200kw)220-250 kw220-280 kw200 kw250 kw
Wood chips size90%≤100 mm90%≤100 mm90%≤100 mm90%≤100 mm90%≤100 mm90%≤100 mm
Discharge systemMotor power7.5 kw7.5 kw7.5 kw7.5 kw7.5 kw11 kw
Belt width1200 mm1200mm1200mm1200mm1200mm1400mm
Belt length11000mm11000mm11000mm11000mm11000mm11000mm
Belt material4-layer nylon4-layer nylon4-layer nylon4-layer nylon4-layer nylon4-layer nylon
Head discharge height≤4500 mm≤4500 mm≤4500 mm≤4500 mm≤4500 mm≤4500 mm
Electrical controlControl cabinet modelQZB-180QZB-200QZB-250QZB-250QZB-200QZB-200
Control cabinet remote controlFeeding start and stop, total stop, remote control, frequency conversion
Hydraulic systemHydraulic oil pump model4WE10D31B4WE10D31B4WE10D31B4WE10D31B4WE10D31B4WE10D31B
Hydraulic oil tank volume120L120L120L120L120L120L
Hydraulic oil pump motor3kw3kw3kw3kw3kw3kw

Working Principle

Comprehensive Wood Crusher
Comprehensive Wood Crusher
Comprehensive Wood Crusher
Comprehensive Wood Crusher

Wood Chipper/Crusher LDBX218 Working Video In Our Customer’s Factory

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