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Cooler Machine

1.Using vibration locking device to improve the cooling effect, reduce the rate of breakage, and eradicate the disadvantage of the machine cannot work when pellets hardened, at the same time reducing power consumption.

2. It is suitable for cooling down various materials such as pellets, lumps, flakes, granules, and the like, particularly material similar to pellet in size.

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Cooler Machine Features

Cooler Machine Specification

Fan (kw)7.5112230
Capacity (T/H)1.5-3 3-55-8 8-12
Cyclone (mm)ø800ø900ø1100ø1200

Working Principle

Cooler Machine

Cooler is a machine which adopting countercurrent cooling principle to cool down the pellet. Cooling air reverse moved with high temperature and high humidity material, so that the material from top to bottom gradually get cooling.

Cooler Machine

The temperature of the cooled material is not higher than the outside temperature +5℃, and the rate of moisture reduction is not less than 3.8%, which plays a good role in producing high-quality pellets, extending the storage time of pellets, and improving economic benefits.

Cooler Machine

It can be applied to the cooling of various materials such as mass, block, flake, granule, etc., especially the cooling of materials with similar size of sawdust particles.


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