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Design And Research

Biomass Pellet Consulting Service, Raw Material Pelletizing Test, Process Flow And Equipment Selection, Plant Construction Plan Design And Construction Drawing Design, Etc.


Material Selection Experiment

Our factory has a separate test machine area, and we can use the corresponding pellet machine equipment to carry out the pelleting test according to the customer’s output requirements.

For common sawdust raw materials, we have prepared materials in the factory, and can directly carry out the pelleting test in the test machine workshop of our factory;

Customers can also mail the materials used in their own production to the factory, and we use the materials provided by the customers for testing.

Factory Design

The plant construction design mainly includes three parts: site inspection, preliminary design, and construction drawings.

1. Field trip

The most important point of the factory design is that all its work must be based on a detailed field inspection. Therefore, we will first conduct a comprehensive field inspection on the site where the customer is preparing to produce, including the source of raw materials, the site, water and electricity, transportation, Geography and so on.

2. Preliminary design

According to the customer’s site conditions, our engineers will design a reasonable equipment layout plan to maximize the use of the site and facilitate the maintenance of the equipment in the later stages. The plan is presented to customers in the form of two-dimensional and three-dimensional diagrams, allowing customers to see the overall layout more intuitively.


Construction Drawings

In the design plan, the production site will be modified according to the location of the machine, and our engineers will prepare the drawings in advance to guide the customer in the site modification.

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