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Drum Wood Chipper

This series of wood chip machine has advanced structure, high slicing quality, wide application of raw materials, convenient operation, and maintenance. The machine consists of machine base, knife roll, upper and lower feed roller, conveyor belt, and hydraulic system.

Mainly applicable to raw material logs, small-diameter wood, wood harvesting residues such as branches and wood processing residues such as board skins, slats, log cores, waste veneers, etc. Can also be used to cut non-wood raw materials such as hemp, reed, bamboo, and so on.

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Drum Wood Chipper Features

Drum Wood Chipper Specification

Main motor (kw)5575110185220250315/450400/600/710
Infeed roller motor (kw)4+34+44+47.5+7.57.5+5.515+1115+1118.5+18.5
Discharge conveyor belt motor (kw)3337.57.57.511+7.515
Oil pump motor (kw)
Feeding size (mm)230×540230×700350×700450×1000450×700450×1000450×1300750×1200
Feeding speed (m/min)3535353535353535
Max dia of log material (mm)230230300400400450450600
Rotor diameter (mm)60060080010001300130013001600
Knife roller speed (rev)550590540530420420355350
Flying knives qty (pcs)2222×332×32×34×3
Bottom knives qty (pcs)1112×112×12×14×1
Wood chip size (mm)30-5030-5030-5030-5030-5030-5030-5030-50
Capacity (t/h)6-8<8-10/td>10-1515-2520-3030-4035-5030-60
Feeding belt conveyor size (mm)40004000600060006000600080005000
Discharge belt conveyor size (mm)6000600080001100011000110001100011000
Main machine size(mm)1800x1900x 12102600x2150x 14002200x2150x 15003150x2799x 14973670x2517x 20504080x3000x 20503550x2300x 19004500x3100x 2600

Working Principle

The drum wood chipper usually uses two sets of tools, a fixed blade (bottom blade) and a spindle flying blade. The tool material is usually manganese steel, chromium-containing tool steel or other special blade steel.

The machine base is made of high-strength steel through CNC machining and robot welding and it is the supporting foundation of the whole machine.

Drum Wood Chipper
Drum Wood Chipper

2-3 pieces of flying blades are installed on the blade roller, and the flying blade are fixed to the blade roller by pressure blocks with specially manufactured flying blade bolts.

According to the different thickness of the raw material to be cut, the upper feeding roller assembly can be raised and lowered within a certain range with the help of a hydraulic system.

The discharge port is equipped with a durable alloy steel screen, and the qualified pieces of cutting material fall through the screen holes and will be discharged from the bottom through the discharging belt conveyor, and the material which is too large will be cut in the machine.

Drum Wood Chipper

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