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Small Pellet Mill P Series

The LDP Forage Flat Die Pellet Mill, which adopts the international advanced technology, boasts a newly designed model by MACREAT possessing advantages of low cost, convenient operation and maintenance as well as high yield, etc. According to clients’ requirements, many kinds of pellets can be manufactured via different models of pore diameter; and feed pellets for livestock will be produced through both different compression ratios and raw material properties.

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Small Pellet Mill R Series Features


Small Pellet Mill R Series Specification

Start MethodManualManual / ElectricManual / ElectricManual / ElectricElectricElectricElectric
Diesel Engine (hp)8815 22 3341 55
Capacity (kg/h) – Forage Pellet60-10090-120200-300 300-400400-600600-800800-1000 
Capacity (kg/h) – Wood Pellet50-10080-120 120-200160-250250-400350-450
Machine Size (mm) 900*500*7301000*500*7501240*800 *900 1560*850 *10002000*770 *11002100*800 *12002300*850 *1300
N.W/G.W (kg)40/165165/190330/420420/450470/510850/890980/1030
Main motor (kw) 347.511152230
Capacity (kg/h) – Forage Pellet 60-10090-120200-300300-400400-600600-800800-1000
Capacity (kg/h) – Wood Pellet 50-10080-120120-200160-250 250-400 350-450
Machine Size (mm) 800*350*670800*350 *6701050*480 *10001200*520 *10301240*530 *10701360*560 *1160 1500*760 *1210
N.W/G.W (kg)80/10095/110200/230290/320320/360410/450660/700

Why Choose Small Pellet Plant?

Compared to mobile pellet plant

Mobile pellet plant is designed for pellet production with the delicate structure design.

The necessary processing equipment is arranged in one piece of complete plant. Mobile pellet plant is more suitable for who has high requirement on automation.

Small pellet plant is more flexible to group different equipment according to unique needs.


Compared to small pellet mill

As well all know, small pellet mill is an ideal choice for home use. When do you choose small pellet plant instead of small pellet mill?

If you just need a pellet machine for making full use of daily wastes and make biomass pellet for home use, small pellet mill will be more suitable. However, small pellet plant is designed for ones who have requirement on building a pelletizing plant with capacity between 50kg/h to 1100kg/h, or small pellet making factories on a tiny budget.


Compared to complete pellet plant

The main difference between small pellet plant and large-scale pellet plant is the capacity.

Complete pellet plant’s capacity reach 1-20 ton, it is applicable for large-scale pelletizing factory.

However, small pellet plant is used to small-scale pellet production.


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