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Commissioning And Training

Biomass Pellet Consulting Service, Raw Material Pelletizing Test, Process Flow And Equipment Selection, Plant Construction Plan Design And Construction Drawing Design, Etc.



The equipment manufacturing is in charge of the production plant set up by Macreat. The total plant covers an area of ​​35,000 square meters and is divided into two production plant areas. It has more than 200 skilled equipment manufacturing workers and can produce a complete set of equipment required for the wood pellet production line. The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and CE certification, and established a complete and strict quality management system to ensure that the production is operated in strict accordance with the quality manual.

Machine And Accessories Inspection

Macreat (Shandong) Machinery Co., Ltd., in order to ensure the quality of all products, from the parts entering the factory, storage, use and assembly, all spare parts need to pass the inspection of the quality inspector to ensure that there are no problems with the parts and machines. Once any problem occurs, you can trace the source and find the problem and solve it in time.

Before Delivery, All Products Will Go Through Tests Twice: Machine Idling And Test With Material.

After each machine is produced, the person in charge will check every detail: assembly details, appearance processing, body inspection, etc. Then arrange the workshop to run the test machine idling. Finally the person will prepare the raw material and test machine to ensure that there are no problems before the machine leaves the factory.

Packaging And Shipping

Equipment packaging and shipping is an important part of equipment safety and delivery. It is directly related to whether the equipment can be delivered in good condition, and is also a prerequisite to ensure subsequent installation and commissioning.

In order to ensure that the equipment arrives at the customer’s plant safely and undamaged, Macreat adopts the following 7 optional packaging methods to avoid possible damage during transportation such as collision, abrasion, and corrosion.

Naked Outfit​

The naked packaging method is mainly used for some non-wearing, stable quality, and non-packing equipment produced by Macreat, such as steel plate angle iron for installation materials, so as to save costs for customers.

Bubble Wrap Film Packaging

This packaging method is mainly used for host equipment whose surface is spray-painted and easy to wear, to prevent rust, wear and collision.

Wooden Packing

Wooden box packaging is used for equipment with large quantities and small volumes such as spare parts for equipment and installation of electrical materials.


Bundle packaging is suitable for installation materials such as angle steel, channel steel, steel pipe, etc., and equipment with small, large quantity, and wear-resistant items such as reinforcement plates, ribs, and flanges.

Wooden Pallet Packaging

Suitable for belt conveyor brackets, roller brackets and other large quantities, easy to loose, easy to roll goods

Iron Box Packaging

For small accessories such as screws, you can choose to use iron boxes to avoid loss during transportation.

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