whole industry chain services

The Whole Chain Service for Biomass Pellet Industry

Pellet Machine is committed to providing ” whole industry chain services for biomass pellet industry “, that is, ” R&D – whole-set equipment manufacturing –  Debugging and Delivery – After service support “.

  • Biomass pellet consulting service, raw material pelletizing test, process flow and equipment selection, plant construction plan design and construction drawing design, etc.

    10-Biomass pellet consulting
  • Guiding the construction and equipment installation for the biomass pellet plant, finishing equipment commissioning, training workers, and providing advisory, spare parts, and consumables.

  • 10-After-sales-service-support

    After completing the delivery of equipment and technology, Macreat technicians will conduct return and visits regularly to provide customers with after-sales technical support to ensure that customers can quickly solve problems in the factory selection and avoid long-term parking accidents. For the equipment purchased by customers, Macreat can provide a one-year warranty, and any problems with the equipment will be responsible for solving.