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Furniture Scraps Pellet Production Solution

A lot of waste materials are generated during the production of furniture, and they are good raw materials for the production of fuel pellets.

So as to realize the reuse of waste materials, and at the same time obtain more benefits.


Process flow chart



Technique Introduction

Generally Speaking, Using Rice Husk To Produce Pellets Requires A Total Of Four Steps: Drying-Pelleting-Cooling-Packaging.

Crushing Section

Compulsory Equipment
Process scraps into wood chips with drum wood chipper, and the dimension of them is 30-50 mm

Pulverizing Section

Compulsory Equipment
Seconadry size reduction, when the capacity is not large, as well as the moisture less than 45%, the wood chips from previouse section will be futher pulverized and grinded into sawdust, within 5-8mm. The capacity could be strictly affected by the moisture content

Pelleting Section

Compulsory Equipment
The full process is a complete physical change. By the spinning of the main shaft, it drives the rollers of the pellet mill to push the materials into the trumpet haped holes of the pellet mill ring die, and the materials are firmly compressed into shape. There are no any chemical adeheres are applied at all

Cooling Section

Optional Equipment
When the pellets are freshly made out of the machine, because it’s from fully physical work, the termperature is very high, thus with the help of the cooling machine, not only the pellets could be cooled down, but also it could store the pellets for a while, stressen the pressure of packing & convening sections

Packing Section

Optional Equipment
Under the action of the packaging machine, the pellets are packed into the bag according to the required weight, and the bag is automatically sewn. Convenient for transportation and sale

The Moisture Content Of Scraps Is Less Than 15%

If moisture is higher, need to use dryer to reduce the water content before pelleting section.


3-4 t/h Wood scraps pellets production line in Indonesia

We use Drum wood chipper BX218, Efficiency hammer mill GXP65*100, Dryer, LD700 1.5-2t/h pellet mill, Cooler SKLN2.5, Small packing machine DCS-A50

3-4 th Wood scraps pellets production line in Indonesia

Process required equipment

The production line of producing pellet with furniture scrap is composed of five sections: crushing section-pulverizing section-pelleting section-cooling section-packing section.