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Sawdust pellets production line

Wood pellet machine, also known as sawdust pellet machine, pellet mill, Granulator.

It is a machine that presses crushed trees, planks, bark, shavings, scraps of furniture factories and other raw materials into rod-shaped particles with a diameter of 6/8/10 mm through mechanical physical extrusion.


Sawdust pellets production line mainly includes 3 sections: Pelletizing section/cooling section/packing section
Pelletizing section

Production Process


The pelleting machine will make sawdust with appropriate size and moisture into 6/8/10mm pellets

Cooling section

Production Process


The temperature of the pellets just out of the pellet machine will be hot, need the cooler to cool the pellet. If you don’t use the cooler, you can choose to make a large silo for natural cooling

Packing section

Production Process


Pack the cooled pellets, the weight of the package can be changed according to your needs

Producing Instances

  • It has fast speed, highly precision, automatic weighing, conveying and sealing bags.

  • According to customer’s need, the machine can be set per pack capacity.

  • Control cabinet adopts sealed form, suitable for harsh dust environment.