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Furniture Scraps Pellet Production Solution

A lot of waste materials are generated during the production of furniture, and they are good raw materials for the production of fuel pellets.

So as to realize the reuse of waste materials, and at the same time obtain more benefits.


Process flow chart


Technique Introduction

Straw Pelletizing Production Line Mainly Includes 6 Sections: Crushing Section/Hammer Section/Drying Section/Pelletizing Section/Cooling Section/Packing Section

Crushing Section

Production Process
The rotary crusher first crushes the straw into 3-5cm straw chipper

Hammer Section

Production Process
Crush 3-5cm straw chipper into 3-5mm strawdust

Drying Section

Production Process
Drying the moisture of the strawdust into 10-15% of moisture suitable for pelletizing

Pelletizing Section

Production Process
The pelleting machine will make strawdust with appropriate size and moisture into 6/8/10mm pellets

Cooling Section

Production Process
The temperature of the pellets just out of the pellet mill will be hot, need the cooler to cool the pellet. If you don’t use the cooler, you can choose to make a large silo for natural cooling

Packing Section

Production Process
Pack the cooled pellets, the weight of the package can be changed according to your needs

The Moisture Content Of Scraps Is Less Than 15%

If moisture is higher, need to use dryer to reduce the water content before pelleting section.

The Solution To Handle Wet Straw And Wet Wood Chips—Triple-Pass Dryer

The three-channel dryer is composed of inner, middle and outer three-layer cylinders. The wet material enters from one end of the inner cylinder.


Process required equipment

The production line of producing pellet with furniture scrap is composed of five sections: crushing section-pulverizing section-pelleting section-cooling section-packing section.