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Solutions for clogged wood pellet mill

First, if you find that the wood pellet machine does not start out of material after to stop the feeding conveyor, open the wood chip pellet machine alone, take a bucket of molding particles, slowly add, the wood chip pellet machine began a small amount of material, with the increase in the amount of material, increase the amount of particles into the amount of material, wait until the amount of material to reach the production of production, you can turn on the machine normal production.

Solutions for clogged wood pellet mill grinders

Second, if the operating workers are not responsible, found that the wood chip pellet machine is not out of material is in the equipment stew after the machine, this time to stop the wood chip pellet machine power supply, turn off the feed conveyor, due to cause equipment stew, indicating that the problem is more serious. Need to open the top cover of the wood chip pellet mill four corner screws, take down the upper feed plate thick clean granulating chamber flour-like wood chips, clean up after the cover on the feed plate, open the wood chip pellet mill, see if it can start, if it starts according to a step can be solved.

Third, if the machine does not turn on, which is the result of more serious problems, that can only take down the upper feed plate, tighten the pressure stick, dismantle the mold pressure block, take down the mold, its specific practice is: with iron oil plate, put into the waste oil, and then put into the plug die, so that the plug die all immersed in oil; then in the bottom of the oil plate heating, until the material in the die hole has a burst sound, you can take out the pressure die, cool down and reload the machine; adjusted according to the original operation method to drive, so that the original plugging of the mold hole material quickly removed, the original finish of the press mold will not be damaged.

Fourth, the third problem can be solved, but it is not absolute, if it is still blocked, you can only use a drill gun to drill holes, but after drilling the mould must be re-washed to be able to normal production.