June 29, 2023

The use of the crusher scenario

Many people who are preparing to produce biomass pellets are not sure if they should buy a shredder. Today the pellet mill manufacturer introduces you to the use scenarios of the crusher

Situations that may require the use of a crusher in the biomass pellet production process include

Raw material crushing: If the raw biomass material is too large to be used directly in the pelletizing process, it needs to be crushed into the proper pellet size using a crusher. This helps improve pelletizing efficiency and pellet quality.

Raw material homogenization: Sometimes, the density and organization of virgin biomass material is not homogeneous, and using a shredder can homogenize it, making the pellets easier to process and compact in the pelletizing process.

Pellet post-treatment: During the pellet manufacturing process, it is sometimes necessary to crush the manufactured pellets a second time to adjust the size and shape of the pellets to meet specific product requirements or application needs.

Raw material pretreatment: Some biomass materials may have high fiber content or hard shells, such as wood, straw, etc. These materials may need to be treated by the crusher to reduce fiber length and improve pellet quality.

In summary, the main role of a crusher in biomass pellet production is to crush raw materials into appropriate pellet sizes to improve pelleting efficiency, pellet quality and processing performance. The specific need to use a shredder and the type and configuration of the crusher will be determined by the characteristics of the raw material, the pellet product requirements and the production process.


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